Ultrasonic vs Evaporative Portable Humidifiers Comparison Guide

If the interior air of yours is dry, you may wish to add moisture into some rooms in your home through a portable humidifier. A humidifier might make your indoor air much more comfortable and provide moisture relief for skin that is dry, dry sinuses, along with sore throats.

You will get 2 primary types of portable cool mist humidifiers: evaporative. and ultrasonic (Cool mist humidifiers can be more secure to use than warm mist types because the appliances don’t involve boiling or hot water.) And while possibly can be effective in terms of humidifying an area, they’ve important differences in how they create that moisture. You might need to recognize some trade offs if you wish to get the device with your ideal characteristics.

Ultrasonic vs Evaporative Portable Humidifier: Major Differences

There are 3 main differences between an evaporative and ultrasonic humidifier: Price, operation sound, and just how each handles mineral scale deposits (white/grey dust). But to start, you have to be aware of how the 2 types differ from each other.

Main Features

Ultrasonic Humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier is a single which uses high frequency good vibrations to create an additional fine water mist that’s then expelled to bring fluids to the space. It’s usually regarded as the quieter of both kinds of humidifiers. The ultrasonic typically has absolutely no filter factored into its design. Which does save operation expenses, though it does come with a trade off. Read our Homedics Personal Ultrasonic Humidifier reviews for more information on these types of humidifiers.

Some favor the sort of humidifier since it’s regarded safer in that there’s no scorching water contained in the device and consequently zero danger of scalding since the device doesn’t heat up the water in any manner. As with any humidifier which doesn’t boil the water to develop a mist, there’s a threat of bacteria being contained in it and being discharged towards the space. Disinfecting the humidifier gets a lot more critical than having a comfortable mist humidifier which does boil the water.

Evaporative Humidifier

These humidifiers were used for many years and are regarded as the garden-variety or common most type of humidifying appliance. Probably the most basic (traditional) means to humidify an area is placing a container or maybe jar of water in the home and let the fluid to naturally evaporate into the atmosphere to reduce dryness.

An evaporative humidifier functions on fundamentally similar idea but works on a fan as a more effective method of obtaining the moisture out towards the space. A fan draws in air that blows through a moist wick filtration system at the bottom part of the humidifier. As the water evaporates into vapor, it’s pressed away as water mist or maybe spray into the atmosphere to include humidity.


Ultrasonic Humidifier

Probably the most common portable ultrasonic humidifier is in the form of a teardrop together with the mist coming out through the top part. There are many portable ultrasonic humidifier models, together with a few designs which have fillable tanks and others in which you put in a water bottle. There are also mini ultrasonic humidifiers you are able to put directly into a cup of water as its moisture source. Many ultrasonic humidifiers have whistles and bells, like aromatherapy, USB power, color changing LED night lights, LED display pads, along with built in clocks.

Evaporative Humidifier

Portable evaporative humidifiers are usually more simple and possibly a little bulkier in look and that is since needed space for air filters, fans, along with fillable tanks. Though the term “wick” seems really little, a wick filter is extremely big and occupies the majority of the home inside of a humidifier’s casing.

In terms of air filters, evaporative humidifiers are able to differ by design. You’ll find just a couple of non filter devices that just produce a water mist or maybe vapor, but many have filters that call for a daily cleaning or even replacing.

Some evaporative versions can also be created for aromatherapy throughout the humidification process. Though you’d expect the kind of humidifier to be certainly identifiable on the box, that is not always simple.

Best for Appearance: Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you are enthusiastic about decorative inclusion along with an enjoyable to the room of yours, choose an ultrasonic humidifier. Remember that LED lights might keep you or maybe family awake if the equipment is positioned inside a room, although many evaporative humidifiers also feature night lights and LED displays.


Both kinds of portable humidifiers are available as compact, tabletop, or perhaps freestanding tower floor models which are on wheels for quick mobility. What matters is learning the appropriate size of either style of humidifier you will need for the room of yours. Humidifiers have reviews that demonstrate what square footage they will cover within a 24 hour period. For instance, an individual compact humidifier is able to humidify twenty five square foot (which could be ideal for a desk), but a design which states its moisture output will cover 400 square foot will be ideal for an extremely little room.

If the humidifier is simply too big and formidable for a room, condensation will start forming on the windows, which may end up in the development of mildew and mold, mildew, as well as germs. The bottom line: know the square footage of the home that you wish to put a humidifier to select the correct size.

Whichever type you decide to purchase, always monitor your moisture levels. The most effective moisture level in a room must be between thirty % and fifty %. Some humidifiers have a built in gauge which measures the room’s moisture level. Or else, you are able to evaluate it with a cheap device called a hygrometer.

Maintenance and repair

Ultrasonic Humidifier

Maintenance is much more of a problem for just a humidifier than repair and that’s due to the white dust you are going to find when working with the appliance. You are going to get much more greyish dust around the home when using an ultrasonic humidifier than with an evaporative because there’s normally zero filter to take in mineral scale deposits. Some models, nonetheless, come with ceramic type cartridges that could be refreshed, and these’re helpful to some degree.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have a tendency to discharge much more white/grey dust than evaporative humidifiers particularly in case they’ve absolutely no onboard filter pack to capture or even have lengthy mineral deposits. The deposits are returned to the kitchen together with the dampness, and then end up on electronic devices and home furniture as dust. It’s not possible to eradicate this white dust. The mineral build up in the water should go somewhere. It’s a bit of trade-off when you pick an ultrasonic humidifier.

That white/grey debris is going to be much more intense the tougher your water is. Water that is hard is brought on by the presence of mineral build up in the water source of yours and differs based on the source of yours for drinking water.

Remedies to manage the humidifier white-colored dust are: Use distilled or maybe reverse osmosis water, although that may be pricey; a humidifier decalcification filtration system if there’s one readily available for your humidifier model; or even operate the humidifier moisture on low to lessen the level of debris you have to wash.

Evaporative Humidifier

The evaporative humidifier is a favorite look due to the filter’s purpose which traps mineral scale and also lowers the chance of great white/grey scale dust filtering towards the space.

Moreover , remember that there are several compact, particularly personal size evaporative humidifiers with no screens in the design of theirs. Because the result is a smaller amount of moisture content, mineral scale dust is hardly recognizable, if in any way.

Best for Maintenance and Repair: Evaporative Humdifier

The evaporative humidifier filter, which traps the mineral deposits, helps make the distinction in maintenance between the 2 forms of humidifiers. A crucial point to keep in mind would be that if a cool mist evaporative humidifier has a filter, you are going to need to really clean or perhaps change it, though you shouldn’t need to be concerned about scale dust.


Ultrasonic Humidifier

The most popular site for a lightweight humidifier is in the bedroom; secondary will be the primary living area, therefore it’s not surprising that most of customers would like a humidifier with quiet operation. If humidifier noise is the primary problem of yours, an ultrasonic humidifier is the best option of yours. An ultrasonic humidifier doesn’t have a fan to contribute to the interference of the appliance.

Evaporative Humidifier

If noise isn’t a concern though the budget is, pick a more economical evaporative humidifier. You need to realize though that even those humidifiers which tout a peaceful operation is noisier when used on something other than low (moisture volume); it is not possible to completely remove operation noise of humidifiers, particularly an evaporative design, since it’s an inner fan operation when in use.

Best for Noise: Ultrasonic Humidifier

While at this time there are a few with an optimum quiet operation, the majority of ultrasonic humidifiers often run less noisy compared to many other models. they’re fan free, and that keeps noise levels down.


Set up for both an evaporative and ultrasonic humidifier is relatively easy. Add water to the container, place the machine a person to 3 feet from wall space to stay away from moisture damage, plug it in and alter the settings of yours. The sole difference you are going to have with an evaporative humidifier will be the simple placement of a brand new air filter.


Ultrasonic Humidifier

An ultrasonic humidifier generally doesn’t make use of screens and generally costs much more to purchase than an evaporative model. We mention usually because some versions are able to come with an ultrasonic style of misting, but have some sort of air filter pack.

Evaporative Humidifier

An evaporative humidifier is more inexpensive to purchase, but almost all have air filters, usually wick style, that has to be both washed or perhaps changed periodically. Thus, a less expensive upfront is followed by much more maintenance costs later, as well as having to search for the appropriate replacement air filters. Replacement filter expenses tend to vary based on brand and size, but most are a reasonable and low cost.

Best for Cost: Tie

The original price of an ultrasonic humidifier is above an evaporative model. Nevertheless, you won’t have to concern yourself with ordering screens for an ultrasonic humidifier. The original price for an evaporative humidifier is less than an ultrasonic model. But commonly, there’s the continuing operation cost of replacing filters for evaporative humidifiers.


Both ultrasonic and also evaporative portable humidifiers are going to last between 2 to 5 years in case they’re well looked after. Even the best maintained humidifiers are susceptible to the increase of deposits over time which will become difficult to eliminate, which will signify the demand for a brand new appliance.

The Verdict

In case you loathe changing or maybe cleaning a humidifier filter or perhaps you just need a quieter humidifier, select an ultrasonic filter free model like the one mentioned in our AirMoisturize Max Review. You are going to pay much more upfront and be ready to clean all over the humidifier much more often.

For budget pricing, pick an evaporative humidifier, but realize that filters have to have regular cleansing or changing to help keep them working efficiently. Locate filter replacements before purchasing a humidifier and also have an extra filter on hand.

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